Hot Boy Turk Responds To Rick Ross, Says Master P Stole His Idea, Reveals Why He Left Cash Money

Hot Boy Turk “Off The Porch” Interview

Hot Boy Turk returns to the porch for our 4th interview with the Southern rap legend! During our conversation he discussed his recent viral interview on Drink Champs, being overwhelmed by the feedback from the interview, blames the weed smoke for getting him wasted during the interview, being honest about telling the truth, not being afraid to speak on the negatives in his story, always being spiritual, being hungover the following day after the interview, his reaction to Rick Ross’ response, being married for 10 years, shows off his new HC piece, feeling like having jewelry makes you a target, explains why he doesn’t like the term “stay dangerous”, being provided with security during the peak of the Hot Boys, tells a story of Crips following their tour buys when in LA, wearing fake watches before the deal with Universal, not realizing how big their fame was until he went to prison, explains what the studio sessions were like recording the Hot Boys albums, Mannie Fresh having a team of producers working with him, his thoughts on the Verzuz between Mannie & Scott Storch, being a friendly competition among the artists on Cash Money to write the best verse, Birdman not supplying him with a lawyer while he was fighting a case, explains that is why he ended up leaving the label, regretting leaving Cash Money, being on the cover of The Source, not even knowing the last Hot Boys album ‘Let Em Burn’ was being released, not being paid for the album, reveals that Master P took one of his ideas for Rap Snacks, shares a story of Diddy stunting on Baby, recently interviewing Baby’s brother Gangsta on his podcast, explains how he linked with JayDaYoungan, having an unreleased song with him, shares the story of the studio session for “Play Why U Hatin” with Three 6 Mafia, his Big Thuggin podcast, and much more!

Hot Boy Turk

Interview by Haze

DGB Media


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