Mistah F.A.B and his uncle in the trap!

In this video

The Bay area legend is in the trap with Karlous Miller and Clayton English! Mr. Fab didn’t come alone….he brought his “special guest” his uncle from around the way. Right off the top they get to talking about the difference between partying in Atlanta and parting in the bay area. Then of course they have to talk about the difference between strippers in the bay and atlanta and how naked they get exactly.

Mr. Fab is all about the hustle and putting in the work and he explains how he started free styling in the bay and makeshift tools he used to make his dream a reality. Mr. Fab explains how they would record on a tape using a nigga-rigged headphone set from Radio Shack.

Mr. Fab’s uncle overcame drugs and talks about how he found the drive to change his life when he had been high for 20 years straight. The crew gets to talking about the “Dope Era” and it’s impact on the community and how Mr. Fab and his team are using his “Dope Era” brand to establish entrepreneurship in those same neighborhoods.

Mr. Fab tells an incredible story of how he got cut from his high school basketball team and how he took lessons from that experience to become a better person. His uncle claims that before his 20 years of being high, he once scored 52 points in a game!

Cream check? Mr. Fab’s uncle is a nasty man and he explains exactly what a cream check is and how they go it in the bay! Mr. Fab wanted to know why no one in Atlanta is wearing a mask during the panoramic and he polls the crew on how serious they’re taking the outbreak. Before he takes off, Fab explains he own battles with sipping syrup and how he almost died and admonishes artists to stop marketing poison to the next generation. This is the coldest realest podcast!

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