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– Queens of Average

The rise of the Eternal 7’s

Thank you to the Good Men for the chapter breakdown. If you are interested in making chapter breakdowns for the broadcast please do so and I may feature yours.

Intro: 0:00
(New record 16.2k live)

Show Starts 🎥: 15:08

Candle 🕯 and Fragrance of the Evening: 18:54

The Godfather gives a masterpiece monologue on “Queens of Average”: 22:05

Kiss The Ring Music: 1:07:16

First Caller: 1:13:55 Engaged woman calls in to disagree with The Godfather on Women prioritizing education over family…accountability and equal rights?
Second Caller: 1:25:44 31y/o married woman calls in to disagree with The Godfather because she wants to divorce her husband??
Third Caller: 1:35:47 25y/o woman residing in Silicon Valley asks why she doesn’t get approached by Black Men?
Fourth Caller: 1:39:04 34y/o Single Mom of two kids thanks The Godfather.
Fifth Caller: 1:41:57 32y/o dog mom🐶who is obtaining a PhD👩🏽‍🎓calls in to get clarification on what the “PhD” is about. The Godfather explains.
Sixth Caller: 1:57:01 calls in about attractive women getting a man but not keeping a man?
Seventh Caller: 1:59:10 34y/o married woman says she’s been telling her girls to avoid boys, asks The Godfather how to address her daughters about…dating?🤚🏽🤣
Eight Caller: 2:03:47 33y/o woman asks The Godfather what he thinks about being attractive versus values but says she prefers her man being fit and having good penis 🍆??! Big Breasts and Big Hips???!😲😲😲
Ninth Caller: 2:08:17 27y/o woman says most men don’t want her because she’s broke? But attractive?!
Tenth Caller: 2:13:55 asks The Godfather how she can accurately rate herself when around men?
Eleventh Caller: 2:18:15 25 y/o woman asks The Godfather how to get a man in college?
Twelfth Caller: 2:20:45 caller asks The Godfather for clarification on women having basic education and having a dog?
Thirteenth Caller: 2:25:30 speaks on the perspective on the “Average Queen”, says Average men have inflated Egos! The Godfather gives perspective.
Fourteenth Caller: 2:30:08 caller speaks on the 1% men she has dated, says her mother was hard on men, gives advice to women.
Fifteenth Caller: 2:32:56 calls in to appreciate masculinity and The Godfather.
Sixteenth Caller: 2:35:24 28y/o woman streamer?? calls in to ask for advice about how to get over Trust Issues and Fear?
Seventeenth Caller: 2:41:39 says the issue with independent women is they don’t know to “check and monitor” it.
Eighteenth Caller: 2:44:56 29y/o man says The Godfather’s opinion on marriage sucks! Ends in Taps! 🤣🎺
Nineteenth Caller: 2:47:19 37y/o woman says she wishes she had a time machine to go back in time because she did everything wrong! Froze her eggs?! Asks The Godfather about level setting.

The Godfather Summarizes the show/Previews future shows: 2:53:46

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