TK Kirkland: A Man Told Me “Coming to Your Show Stopped Me from Killing My Baby Mother” (Part 2)

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Part 1: https://youtu.be/0Kh8MpqObl0

In this clip, TK Kirkland pointed out that he reacts to death during every one of his VladTV interviews, and he told rappers to stop wearing their jewelry out in public. Vlad then spoke about making a list of rappers who were killed in L.A. by residents in the city, which included Biggie, Pop Smoke, Nipsey, PnB Rock, Slim400, and Drakeo The Ruler. TK then stated that rappers should never post their location while they are still there, and TK went on to speak about changing people’s lives with his positive messages. TK revealed that a fan told him that he didn’t want to harm his child’s mother after listening to TK’s message.

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