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  1. I wasn't impressed on either side to honest. Bigg k had a few lines and he did clown the shit out of Big T with that big titties skit and Big T had a few lines but overall mediocre battle. I didn't even choose a winner this battle was that mediocre to me. I actually was looking for Big k to leave earth on Big t. I guess he knew it was gonna be a easy one but it didn't make him look good either

  2. I've watched Big T for a while, since his match against hollow the don. This wasn't his best performance. 3 – 0 Big K. Big T's punches fell short. Round three Killed Big T. "Big Titties!!!" .One of my favorite bars "Never tried Exercise, can't stand vegetables. You sleep with your food that's why that blogger thinks you PANsexual. It's BIG TITTIES!!!" LOL!!!!

  3. These fans wildn…bigg k dope and he showed n proved it in the 3d..but the 1st 2 rds was debatable…I actually have T winning the 1st 2..if u say k won the 1st 2 im not tripping either..but it definitely wasn't by a landslide

  4. The first down to turn over, you've been a blabbermouth since
    You touchdown to safety, it's "wait til I rap about this"
    Then you take the time out to write a verse about your injury
    You trollin! What I'm holdin hurt worse than that pen'll, T
    You shittin me? The whole play ain't makin sense
    It was such a bad call when the game was in your clench
    Quarterback on the sideline, I'm waitin in the trench
    That means I'm cold! I'm not playin, leave you under a blanket on a bench

    top 5 dead or alive bro

  5. idk why but i liked big t a littler better the first two rounds big K just be consistent very consistent but he doesnt have a lot of HAYmakers its just a WHOLE LOT of JABS some light some heavy but all jabs