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  1. Bonnie delivery wack af she gotta b believable when she speak but she did hustle her way up in battle rap
    Casey face BIG af for no reason like she wearin a mask but she is eatin these bitches been a fan she goin kill Bonnie

  2. I got CaseyJay winning. She's just more believable then Bonnie but dang it that face to face Bonnie was punching mighty dang hard. I don't even think she was planning on going in on CaseyJay like that. So this might end up being a fire ass battle!!

  3. Bring all the fire and unbridled passion that both of you women unquestionably possess and let's make this night, a night to remember. I really want both of you two, to be at the top of your "a games" making it much easier to predict Bonnie's 2-1, win.

    "Let's hear it for the lay-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaes!"- Babs Bunny.