Madd Illz addresses Drect and Poison Pen

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  1. admirable, i gotta say i prefer the good words from you…let that positivity continue to vibe and let that be the fore front of every step you take with grind time… ive been watching the battles religiously since jumpoff days…and when grindtime popped up it was amazing…url is cool but they ostracize a lot of the fan base by only working with artists that fit a certain criteria (i love a gun bar as much as the next guy, but its limited to street shit). Kotd is cool and they are open to a much wider audience but lets face it, supporting them is sending dollars to canada, and i think its a shame the fresh coast (with its massive talent pool) has never been able to launch its own movement without outside help. I personally feel that in order for an american company to now stand up to kotd you would have to change the format some way. yes url is an american company, i mean more a league that appeases the same demographic as kotd. Grind Time has still regularly released battles some hit, some miss…but the audience and artists have seemed to abandon it. I dont know, sorry for the book…i hope the best for grind time, all the artists and leagues alike. some people watch football, some watch tv shows, some of us watch nothing but battles, seriously i dont watch any tv…my guilty pleasure is battles.

  2. Saw the Drect video the other day and was hoping to hear something from you. Thought it was a little awkward that they wanted to call it Grind Time Then since that's what all the haters like calling it. I agree that it would be more fitting to just have it under GTN, rather than under a name that's used as a shot and form of disrespect to your league that never died to begin with. I'll always support. I'd like to see something positive out of this cause support towards the PH fund dropped off pretty quick and his family deserves more.

  3. Did cadalak ron really destroy grind time like he stated in that one battle? I remember the end of grind time, everything was going good, poison pen was doing grind time in NY and then something changed behind the scenes. Then all of a sudden the felony fights video was uploaded, ppl were super pissed about that and I haven't seen much from grind time since then. Soul Kahn got me into gt fyi

  4. GTN will always have our support. Not because of any sort of politics or lack of politics. Not because we have some great relationship with any of the people behind the scenes, and not because of the long list of legends that yall produced. we support GTN because of the new artists and performers