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  1. Every word come out you mouth 40 better be a riddle…against Official…
    Official only clap back..is…"you choke in every battle"

    Well thats because she has to remember more lines than you…Official you don't battle as much as her…so you have more prep time…duhhhh

  2. O is too full of herself. She said that without her on the card the females on queens v kings would be ass, e Hart was on the card: she beat official twice. 40, Casey, Vixen, all fire female battlers. Even couture.

  3. I love O and I love 40 ! All I can say is let the best woman.. WIN ! They both need to really prepar for each other cuz they both have great strengths in they BARS ! They the top two bar heavyweights in QOTR period! 40 better really have her bars and lines together and stay consistent; O jus need to prepare for 40 cuz she always got some good shit up her sleeve !

  4. I hate to see 40 even let her get under her skin….she know better than that….and her only true flaw is taking on too many battles at once…it takes her out her character and it makes her anxious THEN she goes blank. Straight up

  5. I was down with 40 first, then O'fficial. Both in My top 5. 40's aggression today was annoying asf. She needs to translate that in her battles. Still rooting for her. Either way it go, I fuck with both of 'em so it's whatever.

  6. I love 40B but she gotta stop using the Tsuman's argument. That's when you redirect the critique of choking in a battle with marketing and financial facts. 40 don't become QOTR 's Tsu Surf. Just promise the fans you won't choke again.

  7. Everytime 40 get cute or her appearance is that of her head is big she loses badly 1st against Jaz with the Queen appearance 2 with her ass out in the 2 on 2 and against O literally with her ass out as if this was a club and then to top it off she wasn't the 40 i expected dont get me wrong her pen crazy bur tonight she dropped a level

  8. I really thought 40 was more mature and composed. She's coming across really imbecilic and big headed. I'm glad O' beat her. Hopefully this will humble her and bring her back down to earth.

    This is coming from me as a 40 barrs fan too.

    But this behaviour is just off putting and appalling

    Official actually genuinely comes across as a nice person and real down to earth, who keeps it real.