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  1. Bars… … They were eerily silent on Majors… still WAY dope… That dude Redeemed was way dope too… But Really brought the Spirit of The Lord in with his Gift for Prophetic Battle Rap flows. Amazing… to Spiritual for Battle Rap?

  2. Now that's what I call a battle. That is what Overflow Rap League should be about.
    Not trying to kill bodies but uplift the body, our motives are supposed to be different. We are supposed to bring correction when we see a brother fall, and after that take him back to the king, that's a Tamala Mann song. The word says that what's done in the dark has to come to light, it may not shine bright like a diamond, but the Holy Spirit be that night light. Separating the wheat from the tare , like an experienced tiller. Taking away the gluten and the MSG, we don't need no fillers. Lee Marjors, in due time God will bring the increase just keep planting seeds, and when you reap the harvest, don't forget to thank God when you're on your knees.

  3. Voice fucked up everything! This was supposed to be a great 2 on 2 all selfish emotions ruined a great thing. It's always a Bobby brown or Dave ruffin in a group. Lee built this out his pocket from nothing voice never put up a dime and Lee made him a partner and made voice the fan favorite and he straight judased Lee all Lee did was break bread I been told Lee voice was funny style! Great job Lee Lee!