The Colosseum Battle League -Bigga Bigalow vs Breezy Nice

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  1. Breezy gentlemans 30
    My gawd I commented 2months ago about wanting coli battles and they said "Highly Opinionated w/ TRIZENY….STFU and hold this" as they drop 2 classics and 1 A1 sauce fire battle in this 1.
    I can't remember the last breezy battle I saw I think it was against the current face of coli sinflee. N breezy did not disappoint. Great schemes executed well, on this day perfect setup and hard hitting punches n boi was he punching especially that 1st.
    Biga who I favored and was my preference in this battle did not disappoint. He had great content and performance I will say that pen is getting better with every battle.
    The smooth aggression style he brings works for me and works good with his flow and delivery.
    I see good things from biga and hope his next plate is deserving of his work and progression.
    Ty to the warriors putting on a great show all around.
    Ty Coli behind the scenes entities for delivering great content.