Jaguar Wright Reveals Dirty DISTURBING Details On Ex, Talib Kweli & So Much More

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  1. Why they keep playing this bullshit it's old new she's not the first and won't be the last…..they broke her so she telling everybody else business FOH talk about you getting some fuckn mental help and y'all just keep putting a battery in her back

  2. I said this before and I'm gonna say it again; I'm getting Aaron Carter vibes. Right down to the smoke alarm chirping cause it needs to be changed. Crazy ideas about how amazing they are, how messed up everyone else is. Mental illness, drugs, narcissism, an abusive childhood, early fame. They have similarities for real

  3. I don’t believe she is lying and I definitely don’t believe she is on drugs or suffering any type of mental disorder. She may have her own demons we all do…. but I do believe her before I believe folks calling her a liar.

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