LaVar was happy Lonzo got traded from LA to New Orleans | EPISODE 10 | CLUB SHAY SHAY

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  1. Hate Lavar all you want but he had good points. Walton aint a good coach and yes lonzo gets his 25-30 mins but the rest times were so weird under Luke. The metaphor on driving 150 and immediately stop the engine is on the money. In some ways, Gentry was also doing the same. Hopefully Van Gundy can bring Lonzo game up nect season

  2. If Magic was the GM we wouldn't win a ring. All Lavar should give money back to the Lakers cause his son is hurt all the time. Lavar sent his son Lonzo Ball to Lithunia and his other son to Australia just to make sure they stand out against inferior opponents. The Lakers did the right thing Jeanie Buss along with awesome Rob Pelinka ship overhype Lonzo to the New Orleans Pelican to get Anthony Davis. In return we got a ring.

  3. He's right about Walton. Can't keep on yanking Lonzo in and out of the line up. Do that to Lebron and Lebron would be a scrub, too. Coach Malone does the same to Porter Jr. That's bad coaching.

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